Roppongi First Clinic

Roppongi First Bldg.

Gas Station


T cube Bldg.

Exit #1


Shiroyama Hills

ARK Hills

Suntory Hall


Nanboku Line


ANA InterContinental Tokyo

Exit #2

Exit #3

Subway Roppongi 1-choume sta.

Izumi Garden

You can easily find us at the first floor of East annex of Zentoku Roppongi Bldg. Located very near to the No2 exist of Roppongi 1-choume station of Nanboku line.
Dr. Fukiko Okada, president of the clinic is specialist of internal medicine and gastroenterology , and also endoscopy specialist.
Regarding our medical services, there are three basic elements: warmhearted consideration for our patients, careful examination and advanced and also safe treatment.
We always keep doing our best to serve modern medicine, and we are sure that you receive appropriate treatment and you are satisfied with our services. Please visit our clinic with any kind of medical problem you have to receive guidance and eventually treatment.



Zentoku roppongi Bldg. East 1F

1-7-27, roppongi 1-choume

Minato ward